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Things to Know for Your Trip to Paris

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Paris is one of the best places to visit in the world for a romantic getaway or just a vacation with friends and family.

The city with the one of the wonders of the world, the magnificent looking Eiffel Tower, and the smell of love all around the city makes you feel like you have entered the heaven on earth.

We all wish to go a Paris trip with our loved ones because it seems like the city of love. In order to mark your romantic getaway in the city of love you can always get matching custom name necklaces or the custom name necklace sterling Sliver ‘Paris’ to remember the trip.

However, before you hassle off to Paris there are certain things that you need to know about the place. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while you are on your Paris Trip.

  1. Don’t Gamble on the Streets

If you are visiting Paris for the first time then you will notice people playing games on the famous tourist streets.

The most common game is the cup game. It seems like a lot of fun and the owners make it seem so simple that you want to try it.

It might seem like you will win but you won’t because it is a way for them to scam money from the tourist. So don’t gamble all your money on street games because they are made for tricking money from you.

  1. Don’t Throw Your Cigarette on the Street

In most of the countries around the globe you can just throw the cigarette butt on the streets, but not in Paris.

Try to avoid this habit when you are in Paris because there is a law against throwing cigarette butts on the streets in Paris. So a single cigarette will cost you around 68€ if a police officer catches you.

  1. Avoid Big Restaurants at Tourist Spots

When we visit a place, we tend to go for the famous and the fancy cafes and restaurants. Restaurants like Arc de Triomphe or Notre-Dame might seem like the typical French places but they will cost you a lot for just a regular French meal.

So listen to advice of your local tourist guide because he will expose you to the real French food in street corners or mediocre cafes.

  1. Learn a Few Words in French

Even though you can use English to communicate with the common people but it is always better to learn some French words before your visit.

Using common French words to communicate with the Parisians makes them appreciate you as it shows that you are trying to be polite and homey.

  1. Be Aware of the Month of August

Well you need to be aware of the month of August if you are planning on going to Paris. During the month of August most of the Parisians go for vacation which means that the place won’t be crowed.

Thus you can have the place to yourself. However, on the other hand, many of the local shops would be closed so choose your trip days carefully.

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