Plyometric Exercises & Instruction

Plyometrics Exercises

Plyometric exercises are necessary for pretty much all athletes, and can have a wide range of benefits for the average trainee.

The vertical jump is my specialty when it comes to fitness knowledge, giving me a very strong understanding of plyometrics and various plyometric exercises.

The key to properly programming plyometric exercises in to your routine is understanding your own personal limits and abilities, and understanding which exercises suit your goals and body.

One of the main focuses of my plyometric exercises is to safely perform a wide-range of exercises, that also have increasing difficulties.

Many “trainers” will have their clients doing endless amount of box jumps or traditional plyometric exercises, with little results except for hurting the knees and ankles of their clients.

Use the tips I have outlined here to safely and effectively use plyometric exercises!

How to Improve Your Vertical Jump Quickly With Aquatic Plyometrics! December 5, 2018- Aquatic plyometrics have been the basis of my Vertical Jump Training for over 6 yearss now. Check out the benefits and advantages of Aquatic plyometrics, as well as how you can use it to increase your vertical leap quickly!
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