Orthodontists and Orthodontic Problems in Children

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Teeth are a part of our body that we tend to not want to mess with considering how bad they hurt when there is something wrong with them, and how expensive they are to fix. Places like the Clinique d’orthodontie F. Lavoie are good businesses to go to if you have any trouble in this area.

If you want to learn more about what orthodontists can do for you or your children, keep reading.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists are specialized dentists that use retainers, braces and similar devices to help straighten an individual’s teeth.

Clean teeth produce nice smiles and keep your mouth healthy, so you should definitely go the extra mile and consult an orthodontist on top of your regular dentist. And bonus, orthodontic care can also help stop snoring! These are all reasons why you should consider bringing your kids (or yourself) to see one of these guys.

Orthodontists treat kids for several problems, such as having teeth that are crowded or overlapping, or having issues with jaw and tooth growth. These problems can be caused by a multitude of reasons, the most common being tooth decay, habits such as thumb sucking and injuries that result in the loss of a part or an entire tooth. These issues can also be inherited, which means that they run in a person’s family.

When is it Time to Bring Your Kid to an Orthodontist?

There’s not a definitive age that’s better than another to visit an orthodontist for the first time – some adults also see them if they feel the need to – but the general rule is the sooner the better.

Many orthodontists argue that it’s best to bring children in before they reach the age of 7 in order to better spot any potential problem that could be a lot harder to fix later in life. When certain problems are detected early and treated before a certain age, a child can even avoid  braces.

What is Going to Happen at the Orthodontist?

The first time you’ll go to the orthodontist, you’ll feel like you’re at a regular dentist’s office because the whole setting is almost exactly the same. He or she will sit you in a dentist chair and take a mold of your teeth by pressing a sort of gooey material between the top and the bottom of your mouth.

When the piece is removed, the dental health’s professional will know everything he or she needs to know to treat you effectively and to straighten your teeth.

This professional will carefully assess the state of your whole mouth, including your jaws. You will probably be asked to keep your mouth wide open or to cringe your teeth, and also to answer a few questions about your chewing experience, what you feel when you swallow, if you ever hear your jaw click, etc.

What are Braces Used for?

Braces are primarily used to correct the way your teeth line up. It’s done by applying a constant pressure on your teeth in order to bring them into a much better position over time. A retainer can also be applied to put pressure on your teeth in order to hold them in a straighter position after braces are removed.

Sometimes the orthodontist may recommend that you have one or more teeth removed to create more space in your mouth, which is fairly common for people with wisdom teeth . If you need to undergo such a procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon will give you medicine to keep you comfortable during the whole operation.

If you wear braces, you’ll have to pay a visit to your orthodontist every few weeks. Keep in mind that you need to get regular checkups during this period because your teeth need to be cleaned, and also to be checked for cavities.

The orthodontist may just take a look to ensure that your braces are still properly fixed, and sometimes, he or she will have to adjust their wires to put them back into position.

If you’re not sure whether or not you should consult an orthodontist for your child or for yourself, you should ask your dentist or get in touch with an orthodontist yourself.

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