OLEO CBD Review – The Best CBD Drink Mix!

Oleo CBD coconut drink mix review
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If you are looking for the best CBD drink mix, OLEO CBD drinks are my favorite.

For those of you who are still new to CBD products and don’t fully understand the difference between CBD brands, OLEO CBD sets itself apart from others due to its innovative technology for dispensing CBD to your body.

OLEO uses a micro-encapsulation process that coats CBD particles in a “natural binding material”, that allows CBD to dissolve in cold water, which it cannot do otherwise.

Currently, OLEO produces a few different CBD drink mix flavors, including:

  • CBD Boost – Original Mix Flavorless CBD Additive
  • Coconut CBD Drink Mix
  • Raspberry CBD Roobios Tea Mix
  • Passion Fruit CBD Roobios Tea Mix
  • Tangerine CBD Roobios Tea Mix

Keep reading below to read my entire OLEO CBD product review, learn more about OLEO CBD products, and see and why you should try their CBD drink mixes!

Micro-Encapsulated CBD – The Key to OLEO CBD Drink Mixes

Although there are other beneficial effects to these OLEO drink mixes, the main reason for purchasing these products is because the OLEO micro-encapsulation process delivers CBD to your body more efficiently than many other forms!

Along with that, the micro-encapsulation process makes it possible to bring your powdered CBD drink mix with you wherever you go, and easily add it to any of your drinks throughout the day.

According to the research study produced on their website, OLEO CBD products are 2x more bio-accessible than products made with typical CBD. In other words, you are getting twice as much CBD for your money!

OLEO CBD accomplishes this by using their micro-encapsulation process to deliver CBD to your body in a more easily absorbable form.

Furthermore, the OLEO products do not have any bitter after taste, since they don’t use any synthetic ingredients, and the micro-encapsulation process masks the flavor! I drink these CBD mixes before workouts, after, first thing in the morning or at night, and I literally never have a problem with the taste. In fact, I look forward to drinking these mixes every day!

One other final advantage of using OLEO CBD products is that they triple test every product to confirm its potency, while also using good manufacturing practices to ensure your safety. Due to their stringent testing protocol, you are guaranteed to get the same dosage from every OLEO product.

OLEO is dedicated to bringing you a consistent experience as a consumer and a customer.

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OLEO CBD Drink Mix Products

Besides the CBD in OLEO products, there are other benefits as well because each product is made with natural ingredients only.

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of each OLEO CBD drink mix:

CBD Boost+ Original CBD Drink Mix

CBD Boost+ is the original CBD drink mix from OLEO CBD. This product contains 25 mg of CBD per serving, and each jar contains 30 servings. If you want a simple, flavorless CBD additive, CBD Boost+ is for you!

>> Click Here to Purchase CBD Boost+

Coconut CBD Drink Mix

For example, the coconut CBD drink mix from OLEO is loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes, vitamins and minerals from the freeze-dried coconut water that their mix is made from. Since they use only natural ingredients (without any sweeteners, coloring or preservatives), adding water to your CBD coconut drink mix gives you a glass of real coconut water along with your CBD!

The coconut CBD mix contains 590mg of potassium alone!

>> Click Here to Purchase the OLEO CBD Coconut Drink Mix

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Rooibos Extract CBD Drink Mix

Along with the coconut water CBD drink mix and the flavorless CBD Boost+, OLEO CBD also makes three fruit-flavored tea mixes that contain rooibos extract.

The key difference is that the raspberry rooibos tea mix contains 65mg of caffeine, while the other CBD tea mixes (tangerine and passionfruit) are caffeine-free!

You can use the raspberry rooibos tea mix as a replacement for your pre workout product, or as a substitute for your daily cup of coffee or tea!

Each CBD tea mix contains real rooibos and black tea, and they provide similar benefits as you would find in those teas alone.

>> Click Here to Purchase the OLEO CBD Raspberry Roobios CBD Drink Mix

Concluding Thoughts – OLEO CBD Review

When you choose to spend your money on OLEO CBD products, you are making the choice to invest in a brand that is investing in you.

OLEO was founded in 2015 in Seattle, Washington, after the founders of the company were using CBD products and noticed many flaws with the products they were using. Similar to the experiences I have had with various products, the founders of OLEO felt that many products had a bitter or unpleasant aftertaste, contained sketchy ingredients, or were extremely inconvenient to take with you on-the-go.

Along with their concepts and scientific process, a final component that sets OLEO apart from many other brands is that they partner with small Colorado farms for their hemp, so you know you are getting CBD from organically grown hemp!

Many companies use CBD that has been imported from China and finding companies that use only quality American hemp is not easy!

Overall, I had an excellent experience with these products. I used the coconut water drink mix after workouts for post-workout recovery, and I used the tea mixes as pre-workout energy.

The coconut water mix is especially calming for your body, and your muscles and joints quickly feel more relaxed after you drink your serving. I also really appreciate the hydrating effects of the coconut water mix as well!

In my opinion, OLEO CBD products are highly effective, and I am confident to recommend that you should give them a try!

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