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Infinite CBD Review & Infinite CBD Coupon Code (10% Off)

When I first tried Infinite CBD products, they only made CBD isolate products. However, they have recently expanded their line of CBD products to include full-spectrum hemp products, but I have not been able to try them yet and will not comment on them.

These Infinite CBD products worked very well for me back then, and their brand has continuously improved since then.

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Infinite CBD Products

Although I prefer full-spectrum hemp products, I enjoyed using the CBD isolate products from Infinite CBD. Learn more about each of the products I tried:

Infinite CBD Capsules

Each of the Infinite CBD capsules contains 20 or 40mg of CBD, but they each have a few unique properties that change the best time to use them.

Infinite CBD Isolate Capsules

The Infinite CBD isolate capsules are what you will consider being your “anytime” CBD. The Infinite CBD isolate capsules contain 25mg of CBD each, and nothing else.

As I mentioned before, I prefer full-spectrum hemp products so I believe there are more effective CBD capsules (such as the ones from Phytologica or 2Rise Naturals), but these CBD isolate capsules from Infinite CBD are great for people who are overly concerned with failing a drug test due to the THC levels in full-spectrum hemp products.

Infinite CBD A.M. Capsules

The Infinite CBD a.m. capsules contain 25mg of CBD and 100mg of caffeine sourced from coffee beans.

For the Infinite CBD a.m. capsules, I suggest you use them in the morning after waking up instead of your usual coffee, or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

One of the benefits of using Infinite CBD a.m. capsules is that their CBD content mitigates a lot of the jittery feeling you might usually get from taking a high dosage of caffeine.

Additionally, the Infinite CBD a.m. capsules are more convenient for people who don’t want to spend time making coffee or stopping at a coffee shop in the morning and want a simple and healthy energy booster to start their day.

Although I am still partial to my morning coffee or tea, the Infinite CBD a.m. capsules are a great option as well.

Infinite CBD P.M. Capsules

Each Infinite CBD p.m. capsule contains 25mg of CBD and 3mg of melatonin, and it is a quality product for helping you sleep better.

Whether I am using Infinite CBD p.m. capsules or not, I often use both CBD and melatonin before I go to bed, so it was convenient having these ingredients in one capsule.

If you are a person who struggles with sleep issues due to stress or anxiety, taking the CBD Infinite p.m. capsules can help you naturally reduce stress and fall asleep easier.

Additionally, unlike many sleep medications, the Infinite CBD p.m. capsules do not promote a dependency on the product.

Furthermore, since the Infinite CBD p.m. capsules should help you sleep better, they are also a useful product for helping you lose weight overnight as you will likely have deeper and longer periods of sleep.

Infinite CBD Tincture

When I tried the Infinite CBD isolate dropper, I used the 2,500 mg option, which provides 4mg per drop, or 83 mg/ml. This was a large amount of isolate CBD per serving, and it made a noticeable impact on how much muscles and joints felt.

The Infinite CBD isolate dropper is a typical CBD tincture product, but it is not as effective as full-spectrum hemp products in my opinion.

If you would like to try one of my favorite CBD tinctures, I suggest the brands Phytologica or Primary Jane.

Similar to the isolate capsules, the main benefit of the Infinite CBD isolate dropper is that it does not contain any THC and you do not have to worry about it causing you to fail a drug test.

Infinite CBD Topicals

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Both the Infinite CBD Freezing Point Cream and Salve were effective for reducing back pain when I used them.

The Infinite CBD Freezing Point Salve is a bit more “fatty,” and spreads on your body a little more, while the Infinite CBD Freezing Point Cream absorbs into your skin quicker.

These were two quality CBD topicals, but they also are not my favorites. Instead, I prefer the Muscle MX CBD Balm or the Myaderm Transdermal Pain Cream instead.

My Infinite CBD Coupon Code

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Concluding Thoughts – Infinite CBD Review

complete infinite cbd product review

Although Infinite CBD products are not the best CBD products I have used and they are not my favorite CBD products, they are excellent products for people who want to avoid full-spectrum hemp due to the risk of failing a drug test.

From my experience, the Infinite CBD products I tried can provide joint pain relief and they work well for CBD isolate products, but if you want the “full” experience of using CBD for pain relief or any other purpose, you want to choose full-spectrum hemp products.

Infinite CBD does currently produce full-spectrum hemp products, but I have not tried them yet and I cannot comment on whether or not they are beneficial.

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