How To Become A Self-Employed Massage Therapist [Infographic]

ways to become a self employed massage therapist

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If you want to help people feel better, have flexible working hours, and determine your salary on your own, consider a career in massage therapy. These days, there is a growing demand for massage therapists in the UK and USA.

People with qualifications can find employment in spas, hotels, fitness centres, cruise ships, clinics, etc. Another great option is to become a self-employed massage therapist. It will give you a chance to choose your clients and negotiate your hourly rate better. Needless to say, you will be able to build your own schedule and have a work-life balance.

To go self-employed, you need to take a level 3 massage course and obtain qualifications. Once you get a diploma, find a job where you can get professional experience. Also, you will have a chance to build your own client list on the side and earn extra income.

You will need to devote some time to finding your first clients. The best way to do so is to promote your service on the Internet. These days, there are a lot of social networking sites that can help you. You may also want to ask your clients for some reviews so that you can post them on your website and social media pages.

Don’t hesitate to ask your clients and friends to recommend your services to other people. It’s one of the oldest and most effective ways to expand the client base.

Once your client list is big enough, you can register as self-employed in HMRC and fill in your self-assessment tax returns.

Once you have clients and begin working as a self-employed massage therapist, you can use a software such as ZenSoft Philippines, a spa and salon software POS provider, to keep track of your finances.

As you can understand, being a self-employed massage therapist brings a lot of benefits. For instance, you will have a chance to go on a long vacation whenever you need it. You will not have to get approval from your employer (you will be your own boss!).

If you want to learn more about the benefits of being a self-employed massage therapist, check out this infographic:

tips for becoming a self employed massage therapist


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