HempIndica Product Review

HempIndica Product Review – Organic CBD Infused Powders

If you are looking for a new and efficient way to take your daily dose of CBD Oil, you will love the products from HempIndica.

As many of you already know, CBD products come in various forms and effectiveness. With a vast amount of CBD products appearing on the market each month, it is difficult to judge and compare which products are the best.

Many CBD products seem equal to each other, but not all are created equally!

I used four CBD infused powders from HempIndica, and I thought all of them were fantastic.

Check out my full product review to see the reasons you should use HempIndica CBD infused powders below!

Advantages of Using HempIndica CBD Infused Powders

Aside from the difference in additional enzymes or nutrition of each specific flavor, the main difference between HempIndica CBD infused powders, and other CBD products is that their powder is water soluble and formulated for a higher bio-availability.

HempIndica produces CBD products through a micro-encapsulation process which creates a water-soluble form of CBD that can easily mix with any drink or other powder. This form of CBD is much easier for your body to absorb, and will provide you with more benefits overall.

Each bottle of the HempIndica CBD Infused Powders contains approximately 30, 10mg servings of CBD, which is enough to produce many beneficial effects on your overall health.

When I used each HempIndica product, the main sensations I felt were a subtle yet prevalent relaxation effect in my mind and a general calming feeling throughout my body.

The HempIndica CBD Infused Superfood Powders are not quick blasts of CBD. In my opinion, you should use these superfood powders for general health maintenance and manage long-term health issues.

After a few weeks of using HempIndica CBD powders, I began noticing much less pain in my naggin left-shoulder, which has been plagued with stiffness and pain since I tore my labrum.

The HempIndica powders are especially great because they are cost-efficient and they will ultimately improve many health issues within your body over the course of a year.

For those of you who don’t fully understand the science, the main benefit of using any CBD product is regulation of the bodies indigenous Endocannabinoid System. Without cannabinoid containing supplements, the Endocannabinoid System because lazy and dormant.

Amongst other benefits, one of the primary roles of the Endocannabinoid System is the regulation of homeostasis within the body, helping every other function of the human body happen more efficiently and effectively.

Using HempIndica CBD Infused Superfood Powders is an excellent way to “upregulate” your Endocannabinoid System and produce long-term health benefits within your body!

Check out the benefits of each CBD Infused Powder I tried!

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CBD Infused Banana Powder

The HempIndica CBD Infused Banana Powder takes on the additional benefits of bananas and is a powerful punch of potassium for your body!

Potassium is a vital electrolyte necessary for proper hydration and other bodily functions.

Along with potassium, the CBD Infused Banana Powder also includes Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, naturally occurring vitamins in bananas.

The additional vitamins and minerals taken from the bananas make this product especially useful for fighting inflammation throughout the body.

CBD Infused Organic Coconut Powder

The HempIndica CBD Infused Coconut Powder is right in antioxidants and great for maintaining heart health.

Along with the antioxidants it contains, the CBD Infused Coconut Powder is also an excellent source of Vitamin C and calcium.

Coconuts contain various well-known properties which are beneficial for heart health, and this CBD Infused Powder is an excellent way to obtain many of those benefits.

CBD Infused Mango Powder

If you are struggling to maintain a proper pH balance within your body, using the HempIndica CBD Infused Mango Powder is a great option.

Mangoes are rich in tartaric acid, malic acid, and citric acid. These three acids are all helpful for increasing alkalinity within the body and creating a normalized pH balance.

This CBD Infused Mango Powder is also an excellent product for your immune system, as both cannabidiol and mangoes have many benefits for your immunity.

CBD Infused Pineapple Express Powder

The CBD Infused Pineapple Express Powder from HempIndica is my favorite CBD Infused product they make, mostly because it contains additional bromelain.

According to the journal Cellular Immunology,

“Bromelain, a clinically used pineapple extract and natural product, has reported anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities.”

Using products infused with bromelain or eating pineapples themselves is an excellent way for me to reduce my asthma symptoms as well as fight inflammation throughout my body.

Not only is the CBD Infused Pineapple Powder from HempIndica an excellent “natural sweetener,” it is a nearly perfect product for fighting inflammation.

This CBD Infused Pineapple Powder also contains valuable amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A as well.

Concluding Thoughts – HempIndica CBD Infused Powders

As I said before, don’t use these powders and expect an immediate reaction within your body. After 30-45-minutes of using one serving of any of the CBD Infused Powders I tried, I began to notice a subtle yet prevalent calming in my mind, as well as an overall feeling of muscle relaxation and pain relief throughout my joints.

Over the course of using these products for a few weeks, I believe I noticed a difference in how my body felt waking up each day, especially in my left shoulder which has had issues for years.

I believe these CBD Infused Powders from HempIndica are perfect for general upregulation of the Endocannabinoid System which can produce many positive long-term health benefits!

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