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Bellalicious Hemp Soap Review – Is This the Best Hemp Soap?

Bellalicious Bath and Body make organic hemp-infused products including outstanding hemp soaps. Along with producing my favorite hemp soaps, Bellalicious also makes a Muscle Recovery Stick, Muscle Recovery Balm, and a wide variety of other full-spectrum hemp products.

Both my wife and I loved our experience with Bellalicious Bath and Body products, and I am confident you will enjoy them as well.

The owner of Bellalicious Bath and Body, Bella, founded the company after a car accident that left her with injuries to her neck and a broken knee. Following the accident, Bella underwent months of treatment that included opioid use for pain management. After discovering that the opioids were causing her additional health problems, Bella began treating herself with hemp oil and quickly noticed positive improvements.

Bella used this experience to begin creating her own hemp oil products, and Bellalicious Bath and Body was born!

Bellalicious Hemp Oil Soap Review

Hemp soap is a unique CBD product that not many other brands make. Personally, I have only used hemp soap from one other company, and I did not notice positive effects from it as I did from the Bellalicious hemp soap.

For those of you who are interested in trying a hemp oil soap, CBD-rich hemp soap has demonstrated positive effects for pain management, acne vulgaris, reducing skin itchiness, and more.

I tried multiple different hemp soaps from Bellalicious, and I had positive results with all of them.

However, my favorite was the Activated Charcoal Soap I tried.

Although all the hemp soaps were great, I enjoyed this one the best because I felt it was the best for removing the feeling of sweat from my body after practices during my previous basketball season.

When you go to the Bellalicious Shop online, you will find tons of different hemp oil soaps with a wide variety of essences and ingredients.

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Bellalicious Muscle Recovery Stick & Balm Review

Although the Bellalicious hemp soap is the “star” Bellalicious product, in my opinion, I also enjoyed the Bellalicious Muscle Recovery Stick and Balm.

Both of these are full-spectrum hemp products, and they worked well for pain management for me.

I used these two products for injuries suffered in my basketball season, and not just for daily sore muscles. For example, throughout the season I used these in (2018-2019) I had issues with muscle contusions, a knee sprain, a hamstring strain, a shoulder ligament sprain, a sprain in my thumb, and a few other problems.

None of these issues were significant, but they hurt a lot!

Furthermore, I was also dealing with nagging chronic back pain from the Pars Fracture I suffered in my 2017-2018 season.

When I needed significant pain relief, I used the Bellalicious Muscle Recovery products.

I would still say that the Muscle MX CBD Balm for pain is my favorite CBD balm, these are definitely great products and are worth purchasing if you are going to purchase the Bellalicious hemp soap as well.

One of my favorite aspects of these CBD pain relief topicals is that unlike other muscle balms or topical CBD products, the Bellalicious products do not contain menthol, which causes intense cooling and smells extremely strong.

Instead, Bellalicious Muscle Recovery products are produced with organic butters, oils, and fragrances only, and they are enjoyable to use

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Concluding Thoughts – Bellalicious Bath and Body Hemp Soap Review

Aside from the quality products, purchasing hemp soap from Bellalicious is an investment in a woman-owned small business instead of a large corporation.

Also, compared to other brands, a main difference with Bellalicious products is that all products are handmade. Due to that, the average turnaround time for the products you order is 3-5 days, but you cannot find fresher hemp products anywhere!

My suggestion is to visit the Bellalicious Bath and Body website and choose your favorite scents for the hemp soaps and try any number of Bella’s other products as well. These products are crafted for personal use unlike any others, and I am proud to give them my recommendation!

For up to date information and more information on giveaways and specials, follow Bellalicious on:

Instagram: @BellaliciousBathandBody

YouTube: Bellalicious Bath and Body

Facebook: Beauty by Bellalicious

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