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Eating foods high in antioxidants will help keep your body feeling healthy and young!

If you are like me, you probably heard the word antioxidant way too many times before you ever actually looked up what they are. As a quick explanation, antioxidants neutralize free radicals, and stop them from impairing our cells.

Foods high in antioxidants are essential to keeping our body naturally energized throughout the day, and can be incredibly helpful in keeping you away from that sluggish and worn out feeling!

Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of eating high-antioxidant foods, and to see the best foods high in antioxidants for your diet!

Why is it Important to Eat Foods High in Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are powerful substances that are capable of diminishing free radicals before they damage your cells.

“Free radicals” are highly reactive chemical substances that can cause cellular damage if left unchecked; leading to premature aging and disease. You want to fight these free radicals at every turn, as this will allow all the cellular process of your body to happen more easily.

Overall, this is the reason for the recent hype in the publicity of antioxidants. Often, you will see drinks and snacks labeled “high in antioxidants” even at your local grocery store. Antioxidants have been discussed vigorously in the media, and health professionals are advising their patients to include foods high in antioxidants in their daily diet.

Antioxidant rich foods are nature’s way of guiding us to a healthy life. Even the most common foods high in antioxidants have incredible benefits for out bodies in a variety of ways, and consistently eating these foods will have us on a path to a healthy and productive body like never before!

Fresh fruits and vegetables should form an important part of our lives, but this concept has faded with years.

It is not a question of whether we like them or not, but it is a question of how we have evolved over thousands of years. It has only been in the last hundred years or so that we have changed our diets drastically; prior to that, we had no option but to feed ourselves with natural foods.

With this millions of options for food choices in the world, and the barrage of chemically produced snacks and easily accessible food in the world today, foods high in antioxidants are just not as commonly ate as they used to be.

Take for instance the average Mediterranean Diet, it is incredibly high in antioxidants! This is one of the most highly advised diet strategies in the world today, and it is based around the same foods that people of this region have ate for thousands of years.

From red wine, to grapes and olive oil, the Mediterranean Diet is a feast of antioxidant laden foods at every meal!

All of the foods pertaining to this diet strategy are loaded with antioxidants, and the health benefits are readily proven. People from Ancient Greece and other civilizations in this region were reported with leaving up to and over 100 years old, thousands of years ago, nearly higher than the maximum age today.

To learn more about Greek culture and how their diet has helped their people remain healthy for hundreds of years, you can read a travel blog in Crete / Greece while you take a trip with a local car rental company in Greece/Crete. I did a lot of traveling around Greece while I played basketball there for two months, and it was a huge learning experience for me about Greek culture and especially their diet!

There are many factors to why Greek people were able to live so long, but eating foods high in antioxidants through their natural diet is obviously a huge one!

Many health experts believe that one of the most prominent causes of destructive diseases is the damage done by free radicals. Deadly diseases such as cardiovascular disease (which can grow to cause heart attacks and cancer) are a result of the effect.

You need foods high in antioxidants; we all do!

Here are a few specific benefits of eating high-antioxidant foods.

Antioxidants Fight Ageing

Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent the damage to your cells.

The ageing process is the overall result of your cells getting damaged over a period of time. Antioxidants reduce this damage and hence they reduce the ageing process, helping you maintain the glow of youth a little longer.

According to some research studies, antioxidants are crucial in maintaining collagen, the connective tissue of your follicles. This is an indicator of their usefulness in combating hair loss.

If you take a supplement that contains powerful antioxidants or eat foods high in antioxidants, you can essentially slow down the aging process.

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Improve Brain Functioning and Eyesight

Antioxidants like Vitamins C and E have many benefits.

They improve your cognitive health and for older people can prevent the onset of dementia. Beta carotene and lutein are two more important antioxidants found in products like kale, carrots and sweet potatoes.

They protect your eyes from degenerative diseases and help you maintain your vision.

Antioxidant Supplements – Are They Worth It?

All the foods listed below are excellent at helping to obtain your daily need for antioxidants, but you can also find more help in the form of supplements. Often, when I am going through phases of extremely excessive amounts of training, I will take antioxidant supplements to help my body recover quicker.

Accompanying a solid diet, this can have an enormous impact on your recovery time, and ability to train at a high level.

Along with the foods high in antioxidants listed below, you can also check out this article on amla powder benefits and learn more about how this super fruit can provide necessary antioxidants for your life.

If you are interested in purchasing supplements which contain high amounts of antioxidants, I suggest you try Your Super superfoods powders.

Foods High in Antioxidants

In this evolutionary game, there are certain foods that stand out due to the amount of antioxidant molecules they contain. Our resistance and immune system is under attack nearly at all times, and the best tip to staying healthy and vital is to be conscious of what we eat.

There are many types of antioxidants and they are found in plants. Some of the popular antioxidants are resveratrol, which is present in wine, and lycopene, which is found mostly in tomatoes and grapefruit. Chocolate too is loaded with antioxidants.

Loaded with benefits, Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants.

The best part about the best antioxidant sources is that they are natural, tasty and cheap.

The Indian gooseberry or amla is considered one of the best cancer-fighting foods. Amlas contain more antioxidants than goji berries, acai berries and black raspberries.

For thousands of years, it has been prescribed in traditional Ayurveda as the treatment for respiratory diseases, hypertension, skin inflammatory diseases and more. Keep reading below to learn about common foods that are high in antioxidants!

There are many foods high in antioxidants, the following are all great examples of what you can eat during your day to maximize total amounts of antioxidants:

  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots


Berries are amongst the stars of the foods high in antioxidants cast. There are many different kinds, but blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries stand out and are easy to find for most people.

Blueberries are not alkaline, but they are still one of the healthiest foods on the planet!

These are all full of different antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other elements that help our bodies grow and fight off diseases.

An interesting side note is that these fruits are color rich, and color variety is a good rule of thumb to follow. Vary your intake of food by color for a well-rounded diet!


Grapes are also antioxidant rich, and red grapes out perform white. Similar to how red wine has more antioxidants than white wine, the grapes themselves work similarly. Eating grapes is a highly effective way to increase your antioxidant count for the day.

Drinking wine or grape juice also is effective, but both of these should be drank in moderation. Wine due to the alcohol, and grape juice due to the potentially overloaded amount of sugar.


Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps against muscle cramps amongst other issues.

These are one of the more nutritious foods we have available.

Bananas are an amazing food high in antioxidants that also is great for muscle growth, and can also substantially increase your sleep quality. I eat 2-3 bananas almost every day, and you will feel the difference from adding more of them to your diet!

Cruciferous Vegetables

These cruciferous vegetables include cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale and spinach.

They are all antioxidant rich, and have been linked to providing positive influence with reductions in cancer and heart diseases.

You may not be a huge fan of their taste, but including these foods in your dinner plans a few times per week can make a huge difference in your weight loss plans!


Different than many fruits and vegetables, cooked tomatoes are better than those that have not passed through heat.

Heat allows these antioxidant foods to release lycopene, which can reduce the risks of certain cancers.

Lycopene is more powerful than even beta-carotene in aiding our bodies health. Tomatoes are a great antioxidant food because they can be used in a wide range of meals, and can also be a beverage.


Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is a healing agent that helps our bodies against cancer. Considering the effects of beta-carotene, carrots can certainly be considered one of the miracle foods that cure cancer!

Beta-carotene can be found in other yellow/orange fruits and vegetables.

Similar to lycopene, beta-carotene is affected by heat, and carrots and other vegetables are more effective when cooked. These antioxidant foods are available worldwide

Concluding Thoughts – Foods High in Antioxidants

The key to better health is to incorporate foods high in antioxidants into your family’s daily diet; making sure you eat them fresh, and also vary the types of vegetables and fruits you are eating (this also helps to avoid boredom).

Antioxidants help keep you healthy as a natural preventive medicine, but they are not a magical or even medical cure if the disease is already present. It is better to start eating foods high in antioxidants today so that you can build a self-sustaining bubble around your body, shielding you from attacking free radicals and diseases.

No matter how you look at it, healthy eating in support of your body starts and ends with foods that contain antioxidants.

There are several types of foods that contain antioxidants, and although fruits and vegetables contain a large amount; steak and meat are additionally significant sources of antioxidants.

If you can’t obtain foods that contain antioxidants, you can count on supplements to provide the amount you need to stay healthy. Consistently in-taking foods high in antioxidants is a general key to building the body you want, and a body that will keep you healthy and young for a long time!


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