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Welcome to your new home for the best 100% free fitness tips on the internet! My name is Adam Kemp, and this is my website.

The goal of my website and brand (Adam Kemp Fitness) is to bring you 100% free fitness advice and tips that you would normally need to pay for from a physical therapist or strength and conditioning coach. I’ll be 100% clear already; my information is not supposed to overrule or even challenge the words of your doctor! However, if you are looking for proven fitness tips, this is your place!

Instead of charging you for workout programs or diet advice, I fund the fitness tips I provide for you through advertisements and affiliate marketing programs, so you can learn more for free!

If you do not know too much about me, I do recommend you check out the About Me page so you can get an understanding of who I am and what I am about.

In short, I am a professional basketball player, but I also have a passion for health and fitness in general. Currently I have just finished my 5th year as a professional basketball player.

If you want to watch one of my favorite highlights of myself from this past season, please check out this video:

After finishing my 4 years of playing Division 1 college basketball at Marist College, I have lived in 6 different countries and played basketball in many more. Through these years, I have learned numerous fitness tips which I am confident can help you in a variety of ways.

Keep reading below to learn more about the type of fitness advice and concepts that you can find on my website!

What Type of Fitness Tips Are on This Website?

Although the general concept for my website is “fitness,” I personally believe there are many, many different aspects of fitness. To me, fitness is not only lifting weights and eating grilled chicken breasts.

Contrarily, I try to factor every single lifestyle factor into the concept of “fitness.”

To help you understand where to find different information on my website, I have broken my different fitness tips down into a few specific categories.

If you are looking for Workout Programs & Exercises, the categories you should check out are:

For those who are looking for information on diet plans or what you should eat, a couple categories you can check out are:

If you are looking for something different or something more specific, I have many categories for that as well! A few other interesting categories of fitness tips you can find on my website are:

There are other articles and other random things to read on my website as well, but these are the most important fitness tips!

Why Should You Trust My Fitness Advice?

One of the toughest choices you will have throughout your life in the fitness world is who should you trust for fitness advice.

Instagram and other social media platforms are great because you can easily find a wide assortment of health and fitness advice from numerous different types of personal trainers or even doctors, but it is very hard to figure out who you should actually trust!

Many Instagram fitness models and Instagram personal trainers don’t have true education for fitness training, and often they legitimately provide wrong information. Furthermore, their obsession with aesthetics and lack of concern for injury prevention can have negative effects for most people who are new to fitness.

However, I believe you should trust my fitness advice because these are all fitness and health tips that I have learned, researched, and studied around the globe before telling you.

My experiences as a basketball player in the United States, Europe, and Asia have provided me a well-rounded view of health and fitness which nearly no-other trainer has.

Also, I am not afraid to have any of my viewers question my thoughts or methods! If you believe I am wrong about something, feel free to Contact Me and let’s discuss!

I am also here to learn more, and I am happy to find anyone who has a new fitness tip or fitness idea for me to hear!

Concluding Thoughts – My Fitness Tips & Adam Kemp Fitness

Unlike other health and fitness websites, my main goal is not to sell you a specific workout program or diet plan. In fact, I hardly sell anything at all on my website. Unlike other people in the fitness world, I am able to fund my website through my basketball career, and I am not looking to make any substantial amounts of money off of you!

The closest to selling a product I have on my website are the various affiliate marketing programs I am involved with, and my Vertical Jump Training Program.

I am only involved with affiliate marketing programs for products (specifically CBD products and workout supplements) that I have used myself and that I believe will legitimately benefit you.

Instead, my main goal is to help as many people as possible learn how to live a healthier life and accomplish as many of their fitness goals as possible. Some people want to build muscle, some want to lose weight, others want to recover from injuries, and there are numerous other reasons that people look for fitness tips.

Instead of wasting your time and money with a online personal trainer who is simply looking to take your money, I hope you will search my website and find all the free fitness tips you need!