Emotional Support Animals: How They Help People with Depression

Depression is a serious mental disorder which greatly affects one’s behavior, feelings and even how they react to people around them. It is more than just a low mood because it is characterized by intense sadness which lasts for weeks, or sometimes even months. And just like most of other clinical conditions, there are several ways to treat depression.

One of which is the use of emotional support animals.

Emotional support animals are not just an ordinary pet animal. These animals are determined by medical professionals to provide help and benefits to people with a verified and confirmed disability. For example, a blind person can be prescribed to care for a dog to assist them and essentially be the person’s eyes.

Since depression is another form of a mental disability, ESA’s can be of help too. Below are other advantages of emotional support animals can provide to persons suffering from depression.

Provides Health Benefits

Depression comes uninvited and unexpected. The only way one can tell the difference, sometimes, is when too much stress is already being experienced. There is no warning or head’s up. Next thing you know, you are already isolating yourself from your family and friends.

Owning a pet, somehow, decreases the tendency of isolation. The fact that you have something to care for, and you feel the unconditional love from is a great help. This feel-good mood is brought by the release of the hormone called “oxytocin”.

Following the release of this so-called feel-good hormone is the decrease in heart diseases such as, high/low blood pressure. As well as the reduction of other trauma-related complications.

Helps Ease Loneliness

Isolation is one of the serious symptoms of depression. And it does bring out worrying effects to the person suffering from it. How an emotional support animal can surprisingly lift that loneliness up is beyond compare. They serve as an outlet where you can be totally yourself without worrying about being judged.

If the person is too scared of rejection, taking his or her emotional support animal for a simple walk at the park can be a good start. It could also be a good conversation starter between other pet owners.

Heightens Your Mood

Depression can mean constantly feeling down, each day and every night. And by owning an emotional support animal, you can create a routine and get back on track. With this, the person suffering from depression will experience a better mood in the long run.

For example, owning a pet entails responsibilities too. These animals need to be fed, groomed and spend time with. These activities will be enough reasons for a person to get out and somehow socialise instead of isolate him/herself from other people. Even a simple stroke on a cat or dog can already give out a calming mood.

Gives Unconditional Affection and Love

Everyone needs affection, love, and acceptance. And a person suffering from depression is someone who badly needs one. Love and affection can easily come from the people close to our hearts. Like family, for example, or a very few close friends. However, we couldn’t ignore the fact that these people have their own lives to live too.

Own issues to think about, and so much more. Sometimes, during the times they are needed the most are also the times they are not available. This is normal. But, for someone who suffers from depression, this scenario could have a massive impact on their self-esteem.

Fortunately, emotional support animals are there to the rescue. These animals care for their owners unconditionally. If one day, you don’t want to spend time with them, they’ll be fine and they will survive. They will always be there whether you’re clingy or not.

Having an Emotional Support Animal

There are other benefits an emotional support animal could give to someone who is suffering from depression. However, it is always suggested to seek advice from a medical professional before getting one. These animals are more than just an ordinary pet, do not forget that fact.

You may check out this guide on how to get an emotional support animal. Some of the basic steps may include –  knowing which type of mental disability you are/may be suffering from.

This could include a physician’s diagnosis to be sure. The suggested treatment may then include adopting an emotional support animal. However, make sure also to make a proper letter stating your condition and your request to own an ESA.

It is important to legalize your ESA ownership because there is a housing policy to some properties about a “no pet” policy. This letter can be given to your landlord. Or if you are traveling elsewhere, you may need to bring your pet with you. This legal letter may allow your pet to join you in an aircraft at no additional cost.

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