Compression Clothing Benefits – Why You Should Wear It While Training

benefits of compression clothing

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There are so many things that have been touted as good for you when it comes down to exercising and developing your fitness that it can be hard to sort out what’s accurate and what’s not.

Certainly, diet is important if you want to get fit and maintain that fitness, and for athletes in all professional sports it’s essential to eat and drink appropriately both before and after events.

If there appears to be a lot of concentration on what goes into your body, think too about what you wear when you’re embarking on a training routine or playing a particular game.

What you wear for your sporting activities isn’t all about how good you think it makes you look, it’s also about how your fitness clothing can enhance your performance so you don’t have to put in extra training or effort.

Not that that isn’t useful to build up your strength and stamina, but today you can help your body by using compression gear on a regular basis.

What is Compression Clothing?

Put simply, compression gear is a range of tightly fitting garments that scientific evidence has shown there are significant physiological benefits to wearing them.

Depending on what sports you watch you’ll probably be used to seeing athletes with skintight shirts, shorts and socks, often in the most lurid color schemes.

Top pro athletes are not known for being shrinking violets so often what they wear, outside their team uniforms, is an expression of outgoing personalities.

Although more work needs to be done on how compression gear might affect performance, there is little doubt that it has a very positive effect on recovery times after serious physical exertion. You could think of it in terms of a type of massage – and massage is known to reduce soreness and inflammation by the application of pressure to the appropriate body points.

Compression gear acts as a circulatory pump so that blood is pushed through your veins, making recovery times faster and ensuring that fatigue and swelling are reduced.

Compression Gear Fabrics

Although synonymous with tight fitting clothing, compression gear is graded in how tight it is to ease blood flow and has wicking properties so sweat pooling is reduced and athletes keep warm.

Wearing shirts with long sleeves, for example, that use wicking fabrics allows athletes to keep warm and dry when it’s raining, with tight tops providing pressure when working out in the gym.

What is Dri Fit Compression Clothing?

Simply put, dri-fit clothing is clothing that is made from microfiber, and polyester fabric. It is the premier fabric for athletes to wear while training.

This clothing is unique compared with all others because it is specially made for athletes, so that they can remain dry and comfortable as they train or during a competition.

Dri-fit clothing was originally developed by Nike, but many other brands are now producing their own versions of this type of clothing with similar features. The options for dri-fit clothing includes; t-shirts, socks, undergarments, shorts, sweatshirts and many other types of clothing.

Literally almost all clothing in the world is made with this material now!

So, what features of dri-fit clothing make it beneficial to you as an athlete to purchase?

Dri Fit Clothing is designed to wick moisture away from the skin while training, allowing you to stay cool and dry at the same time!

The manufacturers of this type of clothing ensure that the dri-fit items are able to absorb sweat, and also dry fast enough so they do not retain all the water.  Due to this, dri-fit clothing can easily soak up moisture from the skin through its fabric to the outer side, where it then evaporates at a fast rate.

Other types of clothing simply absorb a lot of moisture, making you feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Benefits of Dri-Fit Clothing

Believe it or not, dri-fit clothing can make a substantial difference in your overall health while training! It may seem strange to think the clothes you wear can have such a significant impact on your body, but it is true!

In addition to simply feeling more free and comfortable in dri-fit clothing, the skin of the person wearing it stays dry allows for the continuous regulation of its internal and external temperature.

Since this type of clothing allows for better air circulation, the individual stays cool as they are training-even if they are in a hot or humid area!

Pretty amazing, huh?

It is for these reasons that dri-fit clothing is nearly the only choice for people competing in combat sports such as boxing, MMA, or any martial arts.

Athletes competing in these high-intensity sports need every possible advantage to stay comfortable while training, so that they can move swiftly and free from friction.

Dri Fit clothing is made in such a way that makes the wearer feel light in weight, another incredible advantage for someone competing or practicing in a combat sport. Dri-fit clothing makes the athlete substantially easier to move while they are training!

Overall, this goes a long way into improving the performance of an athlete.

Compression Clothing Benefits During Training

All athletes are looking for the edge, and that’s especially the case in athletics track and field events and particularly in endurance races.

By increasing oxygen uptake to working muscles, as studies have shown, and reducing levels of blood lactate, wearing compression garments in warm-ups, for the full sporting activity and in the warm down cuts right down on recovery times.

Compression Socks

There’s nothing worse for a runner to be hanging around in the cold on the starting line waiting for everything to get going, especially if there’s a false start adding more on to the waiting time.

Compression socks such as Copper Fit, give you additional warmth as well as providing support for calves and feet. Compression socks help to keep your calves fresh, and your legs feeling rejuvenated each day.

One study conducted in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research in 2015 on the efficacy of compression socks concluded that,

“The wearing of below-knee compression socks for 48 hours after marathon running has been shown to improve functional recovery as measured by a graduated treadmill test to exhaustion 2 weeks after the event.”

Socks provide graduated compression and have wicking to keep feet dry.

There’s no evidence at present to show they will make you go faster but they can certainly help improve your recovery and reduce muscle soreness when you warm down.

As you can see, there are many benefits of wearing compression socks and reasons for people from athletes to nurses to buy compression socks.

Upper Body Clothing

When the weather is bad, especially if it’s cold and there’s a wind whipping around the training field, compression gym wear for your upper body will make a major difference to keeping you warm, especially if you’re doing an early morning session.

Shirts with long sleeves and round necks will help prevent those unpleasant drafts invading your skin surfaces and make the whole training process much more comfortable.

Use them in the gym too to get the advantages of the compression they give.

Compression Clothing for Swimming or Surfing

lapasa dri fit compression rash guard for surfing or swimming

Sun protection is super important, especially on a hot day at the beach. Especially if you are surfing or swimming, you need as much sun protection as you can get!

In comes the rash guards!

Rash guards come in a variety of different sizes,  styles, fabrics, and even thicknesses!


Depending on what you want to use your rash guards for, there is a style for you!

Rash guards are created by a Canadian brand, Lapasa. Lapasa specializes in sport clothes, with a general focus on yoga clothing.

Their Long Sleeve Rash Guard Surf-Swim Shirt is a unique and useful product!

According to “evaluation of textiles against ultraviolet radiation”, only when the UPF of the product is more than 40, and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, it can be referred to it as “anti-UV product.”

The Rash Guard Surf-Swim Shirt from Lapasa is UPF 50+- acting not just as a great shirt for surfing but also as a physical blocker from the sun.

Of course, there are other unique purposes of a rash guard as well!

Other main uses of the Lapasa dri-fit compression rash guard include:

  • Warmth in Cool/Cold Waters
  • Jellyfish Protection
  • Rash Protection

The t-shirt from Lapasa is made of a quality material that will stretch and fit to the shape of your body. They are soft and light weight, fast-drying, and odor wicking.

Another feature that is great about this product is that it has a silicon gripper at the bottom to prevent the rash guard from riding up.

The high neckline and sleeves are designed to provide maximum sun and rash coverage, while still allowing the most comfortable ride possible. It’s a very good product that provides excellent protection for any weather sport and for a very decent price.


These focus on the glutes and the upper leg and you can find shorts that have padded protection zones. These are especially beneficial for sports that have the risk of impact, such as skiing, cricket and martial arts, giving your protection around your joints.

Cyclists too have found wearing compression shorts give them a much faster recovery rate than if they didn’t.

Workout Leggings

Although athletic leggings have become a fashion trend for both men and women, men’s compression pants have been used for years as a performance-boosting tool.

Overall, there are many benefits to wearing leggings during physical exercise. Sprinters, basketball players, football players and many other athletes have worn sports leggings to improve their performance, and you can too!

Whether you are going to do a sprint workout or a day of heavy leg exercises, your workout leggings will help you perform better!

Primarily, the reason that athletes wear workout leggings is that they enhance circulation and help with muscle recovery. Improved circulation means that nutrients are brought to the muscles rapidly and efficiently, and toxins and waste products are brought out of your muscles.

Sport leggings are beneficial even after your workout is over, as well.

A study conducted in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance concluded that

“When compression clothing was applied for recovery purposes after exercise, small to moderate effect sizes were observed in recovery of maximal strength and power, especially vertical-jump exercise; reductions in muscle swelling and perceived muscle pain; blood lactate removal; and increases in body temperature.”

Women’s and mens workout leggings are an excellent tool to help with muscle recovery, which is why they have become so popular.

Another benefit of sports leggings is that they will help you manage tendonitis or joint pain, especially while training. Tendonitis is a nagging issue that can cause severe pain, although it is not structurally dangerous.

One of the reasons tendonitis is difficult to train through is that cold or stiff joints cause tendonitis to flare up and become even more painful! One of the most effective solutions for this issue is to wear athletic leggings while you train.

Workout leggings will not solve all of your lower-body health problems, but they will certainly aid you in multiple ways!

If you are interested in purchasing workout leggings, I suggest you check out Differio for multiple reasons.

The main reason you should check out Differio is that they make both fashion and performance workout leggings.

If your goal is to develop an aesthetic physique and show it off, wearing compression workout leggings is an awesome way to do so. Don’t hide all the work you put in with those squats or deadlifts, choose to wear clothing that is good for your workout and stylish at the same time!

Concluding Thoughts – Reasons to use Compression Clothing

Whatever level of athlete you are and in whatever sport, you need to listen to your body and help protect it when training or playing.

Compression gear can produce significant benefits and, of course, you can look good too!


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