Clean Your Plate by Amanda Plevell PhD – Book Review

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Clean Your Plate by Amanda Plevell PhD - Book Review

Clean Your Plate is the self-proclaimed life’s work of Author/PhD Amanda Plevell- and it is worth every ounce of effort she put in to it.


Author: Amanda Plevell

Book Editions:

Format : Hardcover

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Clean Your Plate is the self-proclaimed life’s work of Author/PhD Amanda Plevell- and it is worth every ounce of effort she put in to it.

Amanda is in expert in wellness and well-being, with an incredible background of education, work, and personal experience. I read Clean Your Plate myself, and the information is amazing.

I don’t want to give away the secrets here, but I promise you it is worth the read!

Want to know why?

Keep reading below!

Who is Amanda Plevell, and Why Should You Read Her Book?

clean your plate reviewClean Your Plate is an incredibly well-written and knowledgeable book about the connection between the foods we eat and our ability to heal ourselves. However, Amanda herself is the true star of the show.

You can learn more about Amanda by checking out the Bio page on her website, but I’ll cover a few of the “highlights!”

As I said before, Amanda has both strong education and strong personal experiences.

In her life, Amanda recovered from multiple “incurable” diseases with only the help of food.

One of these conditions was “Steroid Induced Myopathy,” which left her in a wheel-chair and without the use of much of her body.

Towards the bottom of her health struggles, Amanda was weighing only 88 pounds, had little mobility throughout her body, and was in extreme pain every day.

Without the help of any pharmaceuticals Amanda was able to re-learn how to walk, rebuild her body, and heal like no one ever expected.

Along with writing Clean Your Plate, Amanda is a consultant for wellness advocacy and how to live a healthy and happy life.

Along with helping small groups or individual clients who have health imbalances, Amanda also works with:

  • Businesses who are looking to increase the state of well-being in the workplace and create a smoother working environment.
  • Businesses to create a workplace which results in happier operations.
  • Schools and restaurants to become responsible and considerate to food allergies and develop effective allergy friendly menus.
  • Schools to teach food and nourishment education, along with collaborating on plans to develop better and more balanced meals- with fresh, whole foods.

Clean Your Plate by Amanda Plevell – My Review

As I said before, Clean Your Plate is truly filled with incredible knowledge. I am a huge fan of this book because it aligns with many of my own holistic health ideas. Honestly, we have a very similar mindset- which I enjoy!

However, she has deeper knowledge in certain areas I do, and I learned a lot from this book myself!

The overwhelming theme of this book is that our food choices must come back to being dictated by nature and the world around us. Healthy food comes from our environment, and eating and drinking this healthy food will restore our bodies more than anything else.

Instead of reviewing the context of the book more (because I want you to read all of it yourself), I want to quickly explain to you why I think you must read Clean Your Plate.

As many people know, I have suffered from Tourette Syndrome since I was young. There has never been a time when I did not have any motor tics since it first developed, although I have been able to control the frequency well.

I was never more amazed at the reaction of my motor tics than during the first month I quit drinking milk and eat dairy. Not only did they subside, but they reduced to a point they were hardly obnoxious to me.

I have made many dietary changes to adapt a “perfect” diet for myself, but none made a bigger direct impact than removing milk from my diet. Now, this is not necessarily a knock-on milk (although it could be).

However, this story was meant to show you how important it is to learn the value of everything you are eating and drinking. If you want deeper and more meaningful information on the topic of the effect of your food and drink choices on your health, wellness, and well-being, I highly suggest you buy Clean Your Plate by Amanda Plevell!


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