Choosing the Best Travel Bag for Your Next Vacation

how to choose the best travel bag for vacation

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Whether you’re planning a business trip, a vacation, or anything in between; if you’re going to travel soon, you’ll need a travel bag.

Here are a few things you need to consider to choose the best travel bag for yourself!

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Travel Bag

Big or Small

The first question you need to ask yourself before buying a travel bag is whether you need a big or small bag. For frequent travelers, a smaller bag with multiple compartments is the best pick. That’s because they know what to keep and what to the leave behind.

For occasional travelers, you should buy a larger bag as you’d rather bring too much, compared to not enough stuff.

You also need to consider how long you will be gone for as well as what type of climate you will be going to. These factors will also play into your decison of getting a big or small travel bag.

Waterproof Bags

If possible, you should always buy waterproof bags. If you are purchasing an expensive travel bag with fur and a partially waterproof design, you are sacrificing safety for style.

The travel bag or best travel toiletry bag is one that is completely waterproof.

Technology-Friendly Travel Bags

It’s an era of technology and you are digitally paralyzed if there’s no dedicated space for a notebook, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Some travel bags even have have built-in charger cables and earphones!

Style and Design

Don’t sacrifice the style and looks on budget or space, but maintaining some amount of style is always nice.

Handy and Portable

Make sure your travel bag can fit where you are going! Consider how much you will be walking with it, and the type of terrain you are going to be on. Your travel bag should suit the places you will go.

Carrying a Big Travel Bag Without Hurting Yourself – What to Consider

When we travel, we carry laptops, clothes, shoes, and tons of other items that are necessary; which makes us prone to back injury, due to heavy loads. As few people can afford to carry less items when traveling, one can only learn how to carry their bags safer.

If you suffer from back pain due to carrying a heavy bag, you can see a pain management specialist or a chiropractor who can advise on what type of bag is right for you, and how to address your back pain.

What are the Risks?

Kids and teens are often seen carrying large bags to school, which alters their posture and can lead to scoliosis and kyphosis. While their growing bodies are most at risk for developing these conditions, adults can also suffer back injuries from improperly carrying bags.

In most cases, the condition is made worse by carrying a heavy bag in adulthood. However, it can nearly always be traced back to childhood when you struggled to carry a large backpack filled with books.

All these conditions are accompanied by pain, which can become debilitating at times.

For those who are older or elderly, carrying a heavy bag can increase the risk of falling and hurting yourself. According to a study published in the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics,

“These results indicate that the heavier weight loads increase the activation of muscles that control the ankle joints causing muscle fatigue. Moreover, a decrease in balance ability through muscle fatigue can be a risk factor for falls.”

Calculate How Much You Can Carry

According to a study published in the Iranian Journal of Public Health,

“Weight of the backpack appears to be strongly related to the occurrence of shoulder, neck, back, and extremities complaints in students. “

Doctors recommend carrying at most 15% of your bodyweight.

If you can, you should be limiting the load to 10%.

Anything heavier than this can cause you neck and back pain, and can alter your posture. In time, this can lead to spinal problems and chronic back pain.

Heavy Objects at the Bottom

Low loads are safer to carry, according to scientific studies.

Placing all the heavy items at the bottom of your backpack can ease the pressure on your back, distributing the load better. You can also try to strengthen your core and back muscles, to reduce the strain on your spine.

Kids and teens also benefit from this strategy, as the bag is less likely to lead to posture changes.

Another trick to ease the pain is to make the load as even as possible, to reduce the lateral spinal motion.

Double Strap It

Studies revealed that the neck is the weakest part of the body when you carry a heavy load, so always distribute it evenly on two shoulders by using double strapped bags.

According to a study on the effect of carrying a double strapped bookbag compared to single strap bags published in the scientific journal Ergonomics,

“the daily physical stresses associated with carrying book bags on one shoulder significantly alters the posture and gait of youth.”

As stated in a different study on the same issue which was published in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics,

“The symmetry index increased with one-strap carrying (compared with no backpack and two-strap carrying) for the maximum force during the breaking phase (Fy1) when it decreased for the maximum propulsive horizontal force before taking-off (Fy2). Children should be advised to carry their backpack on two shoulders rather than use a one-strap backpack.”

If you can’t give up to your one strap bag, switch it from one shoulder to another from time to time to avoid injuries.

Keep the bag close to the body, as this can reduce the stress put on your spine by the heavy bag.

Best Travel Organizer Bags – The Traveling Phoenix Products

After 5+ years of playing basketball internationally in Europe and Eur-Asia, I can honestly say I’m well-versed in traveling.

I can’t count the exact number off the top of my head, but I’ve easily been to over 20 countries in my career.  During this time, I’ve learned the benefit of being able to travel efficiently!

There are tons of tips that I could tell you for helping to make it easier on you when traveling frequently, but the Travel Packing Organizers by The Traveling Phoenix have made a huge difference in my ability to stay organized on the go!

These compression travel organizers are a set of three durable packing organizers, with come with compression zippers for easier storage.

If you are like me and are always traveling with day-to-day clothes, and training clothes, these are a lifesaver! They keep your clothes organized while traveling, and you are also able to pack more for your trip.

The Travel Packing Organizers come in a 3-organizer set, and you can fit all 3 of them into most carry-on luggage suitcases.

If you want to be even more organized, you can fit 2 whole sets into a single full-size suitcase. This travel organizer is particularly great to me because it uses compression technology, without having to use the annoying vacuum compression.

The vacuum compression bags work great in some situations, but they are a nuisance. With these travel organizers, the zippers help with your compression and saving you space!

Along with this, using travel organizers such as these is incredibly helpful for simply keeping your clothes organized on-the-go. Personally, I always have troubles making sure I have enough socks, compression training gear, and simple boxers and t-shirts.

After getting these travel bags, my life legitimately became easier. If my clothes fit easily in these organizers, yours will!

Honestly, I think there are a lot of useless travel accessories out there, but this is not one of them. I was surprised how much less-stressful traveling was after trying these travel bags for the first time.

Go check out the Travel Packing Organizers by The Traveling Phoenix, because buying your own set or 2 today will save you a whole lot of stress and angst!


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