CBD Lion Review – Tincture & Lotion

CBD Lion Review

I am a huge fan of CBD Lion CBD products.

There are a lot of quality CBD companies but if you are considering CBD Lion products, I can assure you that they are an excellent company!

Read my CBD Lion review to learn why!

About CBD Lion Products

As stated on their website, the goal of the CBD Lion company is to provide consumers with high-quality CBD products that they can depend on each day. All of their products are 3rd party tested to guarantee proper dosage, and their CBD products are made from organic, Non-GMO hemp grown in the United States.

Here’s what I love about each CBD Lion product:

CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Lion produces a wide variety of strengths and options of CBD oil tinctures. They produce full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate tinctures, and they have a variety of dosages for each option.

When I first wrote this CBD Lion review, they were only producing their CBD isolate tincture, and I have yet to try their full spectrum and broad-spectrum options.

I was very impressed with their CBD isolate tinctures, and I am confident that there new tinctures are even better!

Extra Strength Lotion

A new CBD Lion product that I have used in my most recent season is the CBD Lion Extra Strength Lotion, which contains 900mg of CBD.

I loved this lotion because it works as a pain reliever for joint pain, and it also works as a lotion for healing dry skin, etc. I noticed how well this product works because during my season I began to have incredibly dry skin on my ankles from wearing ankle tape for every practice and game.

I used this CBD lotion on my ankles and overnight the difference was noticeable. My dry skin was severe because the water quality in Poland was a bit harsher as well, and my skin was generally more irritated throughout the whole season.

I tried other lotions from the pharmacy, but none of them were as effective as this.

The other difference between this lotion and many others is that it absorbs into your skin very well. This product doesn’t contain any cooling effect, and it isn’t oily or greasy. Overall, using this lotion is an enjoyable experience!

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Concluding Thoughts – CBD Lion Review

As I said at the beginning of my CBD Lion review, CBD Lion makes a variety of outstanding CBD products.

I am very happy I found CBD Lion and if you use their products, I am confident you will be too!

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