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Coffee is not the answer to all our motivation problems, although sometimes it can seem like it is our only solution! If you are having a problem with workout motivation, the articles in this category can help!

Going to the gym can seem like a chore for anyone from time to time, so don’t feel like you are alone on this!  Everyone needs to find some extra motivation, and we all have our separate ways of internal forcing our self to the gym.

Whether you need help finding a reason to go to the gym, stick to your diet, or just not give up on fitness in general; these motivational pieces will keep you going on your goals!

Our lives are busy and hectic, and it can often be difficult to keep our health as a priority.  Luckily, there are other people in this world who are going through the same sort of issues!

Together we can motivate each other so that we can all achieve our goals!

Here are a few specific tips which I always can rely on for getting to the gym when I don't want to!

Drink Some Espresso!

This might seem like a pretty stale trick, but it can seriously help! Caffeine has been proven to increase mental focus and energy levels, but I don’t think we needed science to tell us that.

Pre-workout drinks can get you energized and ready to go to the gym, but these synthetic products can cause heart products and other health issues over time. Coffee is a proven health drink, and is loaded with caffeine.  If you need more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee, espresso is a more caffeine packed drink, with all the same benefits!

If coffee is too much for you, try green tea before exercising.

Plan to Work the Mirror Muscles:

If you are a person who can stick to a dedicated training program week in and week out, that’s great.  However, many people train for overall health, and not the mirror.  If you are one of these people, hitting a day of biceps, triceps, and bench press could be all you need to at least get to the gym!

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym and doing “easy” exercises on days where you don’t feel like going at all. Doing something is always better than doing nothing!

Many people will feel that having an easy “mirror muscle” day is less straining on the mind and the body, which can help you become more focused and ready for the more difficult training sessions ahead!

Buy a New Outfit for the Gym!

Let’s face it, we all work out to look good. If someone says that they don’t, you can be pretty sure that they are lying to you. Heading to buy an awesome new work out outfit is honestly an excellent motivator for training.

We work out to look good, but looking good while working out is not against the rules either!

Additional Thoughts - Workout Motivation

No matter how dedicated you are, we all become mentally fatigued from time to time.

The problem becomes when we let our mental fatigue overcome us, and keep us from our goals.

Some days you simply need to push yourself through the workout you are supposed to be doing, but other days you can easily use these tricks just to get you in to the gym for your training!

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