Healthy Recipes

easy healthy food recipes

The food choices you make are vital to keeping yourself in top physical condition. However, not everyone knows how to make proper healthy meals, or how to even have time to make a single home-cooked meal! Although I cannot say I am the greatest cook in the world, I have a great understanding of how to make healthy food at home, out of nearly anything in the house!

Especially in our American culture, eating home cooked healthy recipes is nearly completely a thing of the past. Most people prefer to eat fast food or order from restaurants, and many families probably never cook at home at all.

Fortunately, cooking healthy food for you and your family is easier than you thought!

Check out this category to learn simple and effective healthy recipe ideas that will help you become healthier than you could have ever imagined!

A few of my favorite healthy recipes in this category include:

As you will see, the majority of the recipes on my website are focused on being as simple or easy as possible. As a professional basketball player, I don’t have time for much cooking. Although my wife is able to cook for us most of the time, when she can’t, I still need to prepare healthy food for myself.

Thankfully, these simple recipes are exactly what I need!

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