Cardio Myths – Can Doing Cardio Hurt Your Weight Loss Goals?

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In most Western cultures, jogging on the street or running on a treadmill is the most common form of exercise for weight loss. However, research throughout the world has demonstrated multiple times that running is not efficient for losing weight.

So, why do people continue to run?

Unfortunately, outdated cardio myths cause too many people to believe that low and moderate intensity exercise is a viable way to lose weight. It is true that jogging or running on a treadmill is good for your heart and better than not exercising at all. However, it can have negative side-effects over the years.

For example, running is challenging for your joints and cause health issues that other forms of exercise don’t.

Low intensity and long-duration cardio such as walking or jogging burns only about five calories per minute.  Meaning- after an hour, you will only burn about 300 calories.  Although low-intensity cardio is great for maintaining your current weight and promoting cardiovascular health, it is not as viable for fat loss because it doesn’t burn enough calories to push your body into fat loss.

There are even more effective ways to lose weight without exercise!

Contrarily, high-intensity running burns more calories, but it is not the “safest” form of exercise for your body.  Intense running puts a tremendous strain on your tendons and joints, and it can strain your heart and lead to a heart attack.

Furthermore, even with these medical dangers aside, intense cardio puts your body into a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. Catabolism, or “being catabolic” is a term that refers to the state when your body is starved of nutrients and begins to feed off of itself to acquire the necessary energy.  Unfortunately, your body will feed off of your muscle tissue.

Long-distance running and other forms of running can deplete muscle mass without producing much fat loss comparatively. You can try black seed oil for weight loss or other weight loss alternatives, but the results vary from person to person. Furthermore, running requires large amounts of carbohydrates, which further adds to the problem of running to lose weight.

For those who want an alternative to these traditional problems, former marine and fitness expert Kyle Cooper developed a breakthrough weight loss program – Fat Decimator.

Keep reading below to learn how to use this cutting program to help you lose weight without losing muscle mass, and also learn why you need to ignore the traditional cardio myths and stop trying to jog or run to lose weight!

Cardio Myths & The Fat Decimator Weight Loss Program

In his weight loss program, Kyle exposes the myths about cardiovascular training and other common fitness myths that regularly thwart people’s efforts to lose weight.

His program was designed with the help of Korean Internal Medicine and Biochemistry expert Doctor Sam Pak, and it exposes many common lies of the fitness industry. Kyle combines independently tested and proven scientific studies along with the knowledge of traditional Asian culture to produce his program

As stated by Kyle,

“Doctor Pak truly opened my eyes; He showed me that the ways I’ve been training my marines for over a decade was flawed and how some of the things I based my exercise and eating routines on were actually having the opposite effect.”

As Doctor Pak explains,

“The body has its own way of dealing with food, fat storage and the use of the metabolism to burn unnecessary fat deposits.  Ironically, much of what western culture believes is healthy is, in fact, detrimental to the natural biochemical processes.”

“Hard cardio, eliminating salt and carbs and even certain fruits and vegetables thought to be healthy all combine to throw off your body’s metabolism and its ability to digest food and fight destructive acids.  Kyle and I have put together something that’s based on ancient wisdom backed by sound science.”

Unlike other fitness programs, Fat Decimator works harmoniously with your body’s natural cycles. It does not require you to use a “starvation diet,” ridiculous gadgets, or intensely disgusting foods- and you can even eat and enjoy many of your favorite foods!

Overall, Fat Decimator is remarkably simple and effective. In many cases, an average weight loss of seven pounds per week is not rare.

Check out what a couple of quick stories from users of the Fat Decimator weight loss program had to say!

User Reports

Janet O. of Lincoln, Nebraska lost 8 pounds in her the first week.  By the end of the third week, she lost 25 pounds and three dress sizes!

Steven K. of Seattle, Washington remained on the Fat Decimator weight loss program for over two months and lost a remarkable 68 pounds!  Steven managed to reverse his Type-2 diabetes and dramatically reduce his joint pain.

After using Fat Decimator, Steven lives with more flexibility, energy, and happiness since his 20’s!

Try Fat Decimator Risk-Free!

After everything he learned, Kyle believes sharing Fat Decimator with the world is his God-given mission.

Kyle explains his program and shares many incredible free tips in his free presentation, which you can click here to watch.

Unlike many other health, fitness, and weight loss solutions, Fat Decimator is not expensive, and it is fully backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

So- don’t let another month go by wishing that you could lose the weight you’ve dreamed of dropping and don’t waste any more time feeling self-conscious at the gym because you are frustrated the numbers on the scale just aren’t going down as much as you would like.

Check out the Fat Decimator program and learn the simple, proven and effective method that’s helped over 50,000 other people who are similar to you shed weight safely, quickly, and in an enjoyable way.

Click here now to check out Kyle’s free presentation and open a door of opportunity to a whole new life!

Additional Resource: Anna Victoria Fit Body App

Concluding Thoughts – Ignoring Cardio Myths

Outside of the Fat Decimator weight loss programs, there are other ways you can ignore and avoid the traditional cardio myths. For example, feel free to check out my Aesthetic Body Program for a well-rounded explanation of how to develop the physique you have always wanted.

If you want to lose weight efficiently, I highly suggest you try Tabata Interval Workouts or other forms of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

According to a study published in the ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal,

“Tabata and a variety of short HIIT formats are highly popular intense forms of interval training. Research shows that Tabata and short HIIT workouts can be used to increase both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, promote fat loss, and even improve blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and glucose regulation in a relatively short time.”

Other forms of HIIT that bust traditional cardio myths and help you lose weight are:

In my opinion, running is the worst form of exercise for weight loss. Running can cause your lower body muscles to atrophy, and it is excessively difficult on your joints. Use the tips listed above and I am confident you will notice that the normal advice you hear about cardio and weight loss is just a myth!

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