Kratom for Weight Loss – Is Kratom Safe to Use for Weight Loss?

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Kratom is a tree which grows naturally in Thailand, Indonesia, and many other South-East Asia countries. Kratom is from the same plant family as the coffee tree and has been used for thousands of years as a safe alternative to synthetic medicines, even though it has only recently been known to Western cultures.

In traditional medicine, Kratom has been used to treat chronic aches and pains, depression, anxiety, and to help individuals recover from dangerous addictions such as from opiates. Although it is a lesser known effect, there are reports of people using kratom for weight loss as well.

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Using Kratom for Weight Loss – Is it Safe?

Using kratom as a weight loss aid is rooted in the fact that kratom has reported appetite reducing effects. However, the question remains, is it safe to use kratom for weight loss?

There are a variety of kratom strains, but none of them have ever been scientifically studied enough to tell whether or not they would be safe and effective for weight loss, let alone anything else.

Although many of these proposed benefits have never been scientifically studied, proposed benefits of using kratom include:

  • Relieves Muscle Aches
  • Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Prevents Heroin and Opiate Withdrawals
  • Prevents Chills and Shaking Associated With Withdrawal
  • Increases Relaxation and Decreases Stress
  • Prevents Drug Cravings
  • Prevents Depression Symptoms
  • Alleviates Pain in the Body
  • Reduces Overall Feelings of Anxiety
  • Helps You Lose Weight

As stated by a study published in Medicines,

“According to several published studies, the main reasons for kratom consumption involve improving sexual performance and endurance, but also social and recreational uses for the feeling of happiness and euphoria; it is also used for medical purposes as a pain reliever, and in the treatment of diarrhea, fever, diabetes, and hypertension.”

Regardless of these proposed benefits, the risks are even more pertinent.

According to a study published in Brain Research Bulletin,

“While several cases of toxicity and death have emerged in the West, such reports have been non-existent in South East Asia where kratom has had a longer history of use. “

This would lead us to believe that although there are some reported benefits of kratom, you should avoid it as a weight loss aid.

However, traditional use of kratom in Thailand and Malaysia does report energy increasing and appetite reducing effects.

If I were you, I would not try to use kratom for weight loss. Instead, I would stick with permanent weight loss solutions which are safe and effective.

Using the best kratom for weight loss is a relatively unknown process, and you should not try it without the consent of a doctor.

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