The Best Ghee Brand – Goddess Ghee Product Review

The Best Ghee Brand Goddess Ghee
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I believe Goddess Ghee is the best ghee brand in the United States for many reasons, and after reading my Goddess Ghee Review I believe you will too!

My wife (who is originally from Kazakhstan) introduced me to ghee about two years ago. In her country, it is common to use ghee for cooking, and the health benefits are very well known.

Both my wife and I have been disappointed to learn that ghee is not readily available in the United States and we end up making our own most of the time.

I was very happy when I found Goddess Ghee a few months ago, and I can easily say that it is the best Ghee brand you can purchase in the United States!

Goddess Ghee is a small mama-owned company located in the Appalachian mountains, and they have a passion for producing outstanding traditional ghee.

As a study conducted on ghee and published in the International Dairy Journal stated,

“the flavor (of ghee) is greatly influenced by the fermentation of the cream or butter and the heating processes.”

Goddess Ghee produces their ghee according to ancient Ayurvedic methods, using only high-quality grass-fed cultured butter, cooking small batches over real flames, and orchestrating cooking per lunar cycles.

Not only does Goddess Ghee produce a variety of exceptional ghee products, but they also produce CBD ghee which no one else can compare.

Although I have many product reviews on my website, none are similar to this one!

Cooking with ghee is one of the best health decisions you can make for a variety of reasons, and adding CBD to ghee is an excellent idea for people battling health conditions or those who are simply looking to improve their general health.

Keep reading below to find out why I believe Goddess Ghee is the best ghee brand!

16oz GHEE // Goddess Ghee [[ grass fed high vitamin butter oil ]]
6 Reviews
16oz GHEE // Goddess Ghee [[ grass fed high vitamin butter oil ]]
  • grass fed
  • lactose and casein free
  • small batch crafted

What is Ghee?

For those of you who don’t know, ghee is a sacred and traditional food originating from Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee is essentially “butter oil,” as it is the result of slowly simmering butter until the moisture evaporates and the milk content/protein is separated.

According to a study published in An International Quarterly Journal of Research in Ayurveda,

“Ghee, also known as clarified butter, has been utilized for thousands of years in Ayurveda as a therapeutic agent. In ancient India, ghee was the preferred cooking oil.”

Ghee is created by heating butter or cream to just over 100°C, which removes the water content by boiling and evaporation, and then filtering out the milk solids.  In Ayurveda, ghee is considered the healthiest source of edible fat.

Benefits of Ghee vs Butter

One of the main reasons that I prefer to use ghee instead of butter is that ghee does not contain lactose or casein protein. Although I am not necessarily lactose intolerant, I do not use dairy products.

The process of producing ghee separates out the casein protein and lactose, and ghee contains neither.

If you have issues with dairy or lactose, using Goddess Ghee instead of butter is an excellent idea!

Along with this, there are many other benefits of ghee.

For example, ghee has a higher “smoke point” than butter or other cooking oils, which means it is safer for cooking at high temperatures. Butter and oils with lower-smoke points have a higher risk of causing a fire and also break down important phytonutrients while you are cooking.

Along with that, cooking at high temperatures with other oils or butter increases the risk you will oxidize the fat you are cooking on and create free radical cells which you will ingest.

Another health benefit of ghee is that it contains fat-soluble vitamins which aren’t available in other common foods. Ghee contains valuable amounts of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-E, and Vitamin-K; which are all very important nutrients.

Furthermore, one of my favorite reasons to use ghee is that it contains enormous amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) compared to other natural products.

CLA is a fatty acid with numerous health benefits, and it is especially useful for people looking to lose weight. Intaking CLA from natural sources can help with long-term weight management, and it has other health benefits as well.

Why is Goddess Ghee the Best Ghee Brand?

If you want high-quality ghee, you need to use high-quality butter; and high-quality butter only comes from cows who live a natural and healthy life.

Grass-fed cows contain far more vitamins and nutrients, meaning their milk is much better for you overall.

Beginning in early 2018 Goddess Ghee began sourcing their butter from a small farm in Atlanta, Georgia- Banner Butter.

Banner Butter uses “patiently-cultured cream from hormone-free, grass-fed cows, with no added flavoring.”

When this local butter is not available, Goddess Ghee uses only Kerrygold Irish Butter. Kerry Gold unsalted and cultured butter comes from Ireland, where they have the longest growing season in the world. Cows in Ireland have over 300 days per year of natural fresh-grass feeding time, and they produce the best butter on the planet.

One of the main advantages of using butter from grass-fed cows is that the cows ingest more chlorophyll during their feeding time and produce more nutrients in their milk. The end product is Goddess Ghee which has more vitamins and nutrients than any other ghee.

Benefits of Goddess Ghee CBD Ghee

CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used natural health products in the United States because of its numerous benefits. There are many options for using CBD oil, including tinctures, vapeable products, edibles, and more.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found on the cannabis plant, but it does not have any psychoactive effects like the well-known cannabis compound THC. CBD ghee is an excellent product to use because the ghee absorbs the CBD oil while cooking and you can use it in a bioavailable form.

Goddess Ghee CBD ghee contains 99% pure and THC-free CBD.

Although there are numerous reasons people choose to use CBD products, the main reason that I use it is for controlling inflammation throughout my body and reducing muscle and joint pain.

This CBD ghee worked very well for me, and I was honestly surprised at the potency.

You can certainly choose to cook on the CBD ghee, but you can also use it to replace butter for nearly anything you are making.

One of my favorite uses is to include Goddess Ghee CBD ghee as a replacement for grass-fed butter in my morning Bulletproof Coffee.

Although you can cook CBD ghee, it is not necessarily a cost-effective way to use this product. I suggest that you cook on the traditional Goddess Ghee product and use their CBD ghee on top of your food or mixed with coffee or tea instead.

Concluding Thoughts on Goddess Ghee Products – The Best Ghee Brand

Goddess Ghee produces the finest ghee products in the United States, and they sell them at an affordable price.

If you would like to see their entire selection of unique ghee products, check out the shop on their website.

I only tried the CBD ghee and the traditional ghee that they make, but the flavor of both these products is outstanding, and the quality compares perfectly to the traditional homemade ghee I have tried before.

Although you cannot buy CBD ghee on Amazon, you can purchase Goddess Ghee products on Amazon.

16oz GHEE // Goddess Ghee [[ grass fed high vitamin butter oil ]]
6 Reviews
16oz GHEE // Goddess Ghee [[ grass fed high vitamin butter oil ]]
  • grass fed
  • lactose and casein free
  • small batch crafted

Switching from butter to ghee is an excellent way to improve your health with minimal effort.

I strongly believe that Goddess Ghee is the best ghee brand sold in the United States, and I am confident you will love it as soon as you try!


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