The Best Fitness Apps for Android or iPhone

the best fitness apps for iphone or android

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Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or simply become healthier, you are going to want all the help you can get. Fortunately, your own phone can be your best aid!

Using fitness apps can help you track your workouts, count calories, maintain your motivation, and more!

The Best Fitness Apps for iPhone or Android

These fitness apps which you can download of either iPhone or Android can make a huge difference in how easy it is to accomplish your goals.

Keep reading below to learn more!


Price: Free

By far the best diet app ever! This app is the friend you need as you work towards a smarter body. It has a huge food database comprising over 6 million food, making it super easy to track my food intake.

You can log in your meals and keep constant track of your weight loss.

You can use this app for your daily cooking and shopping needs. The recipe importer option gives you the nutritional information of the ingredients you use in your daily meals.

The app also allows you to create your very own meals using healthy yet nutritious ingredients

Its barcode scanner can scan more than 4 million barcodes, enabling you to shop the healthiest foods.

MyFitnessPal enables you to track the entire nutritional information of different foods, including fat, carbs, proteins, vitamins, cholesterol, salts, fiber, and more.

It customizes your daily meals according to your body’s needs and delivers regular progress reports.

Lose It!

Price: Free

Extended version: $39.99/year

The great thing about Lose It! is that you can get calorie information for any food under the sun, simply by uploading a picture of the food to the app.

Lose It! is a fully personalized app; it creates a customized weight loss plan after asking you some questions about your daily nutritional needs.

This app, sponsored by qetes, enables you to lose weight according to your personal health and fitness goals. It has an arsenal of tools that let you track your daily meals. You can gain access to a food database with over 7 million entries.

Its barcode scanner allows you track all your food purchases.

With the calorie counter, you can cook healthy meals by combining nutritious and low-calorie ingredients.

Lose it! goes beyond the average diet app. It doesn’t simply measure and track calories, but it enables you to better understand how your body works and what it needs. Lose It! Insights is a great feature that provide useful insights to help supplement your diet plan, such as recommendations on healthy and unhealthy foods.

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Price: Free

If there’s one app that can help you improve your nutrition, it’s Superfoods! Improper nutrition is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain. Superfoods enables you to build a solid meal plan that helps you not only lose weight, but also improves your overall health.

The app has a huge database of mini-articles based around superfoods. You get to learn about the health benefits of eating a superfood-rich diet. You also learn about foods that boost your energy as well as foods that protect you against various diseases. Read about how certain superfoods can even treat certain heart conditions.

This app has been super useful. It helped me understand the importance of eating a balanced diet, which made it easier to incorporate superfoods into my daily meals.

So, these are the top three diet apps that will help you gain a smarter figure in no time! At least, they work on me.


My Ibotta Referral Code

Although Ibotta won’t help you plan or track your diet, it will certainly help you save money on it!

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For anyone who signs up for this couponing app to save money with my referral code, you can be happy to know that you have helped me invest more in this website!

Ibotta is a couponing app that helps you earn money when you go grocery shopping!

My wife and I started using this coupon app last summer, and we’ve made a decent amount of money so far.

For someone who eats as much food as I do, Ibotta is an excellent way to cut down on cost!

Ibotta is a simple coupon app which helps you save money after you’ve done your grocery shopping. You don’t need to change anything in your ordinary routine, although you can search the app to find better deals on products you already were going to purchase.

If you are going to be purchasing a lot of expensive health foods and organic products, Ibotta can significantly help you reduce your spending each month, and that’s why it is one of the best fitness apps for Android or iPhone!

If you have not signed up for the app yet, you can use my Ibotta Referral Code ULALJIS to earn $10 just for signing up!

The Anna Victoria Fit Body App

the Anna Victoria Fit Body App for iOS or android

This is an app that helps you achieve different fitness goals with more ease that you thought possible. To give you a good idea of how this app can help you, we will look at it side by side the challenges or excuses we mentioned above.


All you need is about 30 minutes to start your journey towards body fitness. You do not need a whole day neither do you need hours; you just need 30 minutes. You can easily fix this into your morning routine before work.


You do not have to worry about this because no one but you and anyone you choose to see you will do so as you exercise. You can perform your routines alone without compromising the outcome.

Family Commitments

Leave the kids to run around while you get your exercise time in. Remember it’s just 30 minutes and you do not need to leave the house for it. You can therefore watch them even as you workout.

Cost of Gym and Health Club Registration

Can you at least spend $16.99 a month? That’s all it takes. If you choose to pay quarterly you will pay $45.99, giving you a 10% discount. If however you choose to pay annually, then you will get a whopping 40% discount, leaving you to pay just $119.99.

There’s more though, the Anna Victoria Fit Body App is packed with various features including those that will help you manage your diet. It will help you plan your meal based on your calorie requirements.

It’s just an app but if you want to lose weight, tone your body or really sculpt that body through muscle building, it’s got you covered.

Now that all your excuses have been obliterated, get started on your journey to a better, healthier, life of fitness and well-being.

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Health and Wellness Utilities App

The Health and Wellness Utilities app is collection of different health related apps packed together, that can easily help you with your goals whether it is losing weight, building muscle, or simply becoming healthier.

Although it is possible for anyone to achieve their goals without any additional help, it certainly is more enjoyable when you have a person or program to help you along the way.

One of the main reasons that the Health and Wellness Utilities app is so useful is that it can assist you on the days you are feeling “down” and without motivation, because those are the days that kill people when they are getting close to achieving their dreams.

The Health and Wellness Utilities app is not just an app for iOS or Android, but it is also a software that can be downloaded on to your computer so  you can have access to it whenever you need!

Along with the main features of the app which I will discuss below, the Health and Wellness Utilities app also comes with an Age Calculator (for determining your exact age and days until  your next birthday, a Stopwatch (for timing your training), and a Timer/Alarm Clock (to make sure you are always on time)!

Below I will show a few of the main advantages of the app and reasons you need to get the Health and Wellness Utilities app for yourself!

Growth Percentile

This is actually a very unique feature for any app.

The growth percentile function can help you calculate yours or your child’s size, based off comparative information from peers.

To do so, all you need to do is enter the correct weight, height, and head circumference of whoever you are looking to measure.  After this, the app calculates the percentile!

This is especially useful for tracking your child’s growth rate, and whether they are growing at an appropriate rate for their age.

Doctors watch these numbers, and now you can too!

Daily Workouts

Another of the excellent features is the “daily workouts” component.   This component of the app gives you exercises that you can do each day to help you become healthier and more fit.

The goal of the daily workouts function is not to push you to your physical limits, instead it is a moderate guide that will help your body shape up, become healthy, and be happy.

If you are new to physical fitness or training in general, the daily workout component of this app is an excellent way to introduce yourself to a variety of different exercises!

Natural Health Remedies

One last function of this app is the natural health remedies component.  Although you should always talk with your doctor about any serious illness or condition, this is an excellent guide for herbal and natural safe remedies.

Holistic healthcare and natural health remedies are re-emerging in our Western culture, and many people are beginning to wear by them.

In a lot of cases, natural health remedies can be safer than prescription medicine!

Learning about the variety of herbal and natural health remedies in the world is an excellent way to treat your own body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (traditional medicine of India) both rely solely on natural health remedies, and are two of the oldest medical systems in the world!

This part of the app can be especially helpful for many people!


PokemonGo is the video game of our dreams, and it finally is a reality.

Not all of the features are exactly what as cool as we could have wanted, but it actually is the first step of living out childhood fantasies in real life, and what is even better is that contrary to games such as Halo or World of Warcraft, it can improve your health instead of making you a potato!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or are visiting the internet for the first time in a while, PokemonGo has officially been launched to the American public, as well as a large part of the rest of the world.

If you’ve been living under a rock or without internet for the past decade (2 decades?), Pokémon is one of, if not the largest gaming franchises in the world.

Beginning as a television show and a card game back in the 90s, Pokemon has now transitioned in to an “augmented reality” (nobody really know what this means) game which can help you get in shape, and have the time of your life simultaneously!

Let’s start from the beginning.  You need to walk to become a Pokemon Master in this game!

As simple as this sound, it is amazingly powerful.  Walking itself is an excellent and highly underutilized exercise, and whatever it is which finally makes people get up and go for walks is something that I am a fan of.

What is even better to me, is that the game doesn’t confuse people in to thinking they need to “jog” or “run” for any additional benefits!  Jogging or running at a moderate is generally bad for all of your lower body joints and provides little to no additional benefits over walking.

Walk your city in search of Pokemon, but don’t go too fast because you might miss a rare one!

Calories Burned Through Walking

A general-moderate walking tempo is somewhere around 2.5mph, and for a 180lb human being that would result in around 100 calories burned.

The number isn’t exact because it is more controlled by heart rate which is effected by both surface and terrain, but that’s a fair estimate for you.

In PokemonGo, the more you walk, the more Pokemon you will catch.

It is widely believed that walking 10,000 steps per day adequately increases both your aerobic endurance as well as strengthening your heart to a healthy level, and PokemonGo is giving you an easy excuse to get your 10,000 steps in every day!

PokemonGo, the Sun and Vitamin-D

Within the first week it has already been reported that PokemonGo has been helping individual with depression or depression-like symptoms with their daily mood as they now have a legit reason to go outside every single day.

This should not be overlooked for even a second!

Sunlight and the sun have incredible powers on our human body, more so than we even understand at this point I am sure.  Amongst many other benefits, I will cover a few of the advantages that your body will receive from going outside every day to catch Pokemon!

According to, research has shown that,

“those with the lowest Vitamin D levels have more than double the risk of dying from heart disease and other causes over an eight-year period compared with those with the highest vitamin D levels.”

The researchers cite,

“decreased outdoor activity” as one reason that people may become deficient in vitamin D.”

Vitamin-D is an essential part of our human system which fights disease, aids in overall weight loss, and fights depression.

Without adequate amounts of Vitamin-D through sunlight, diet, or supplementation (sunlight is so much better), many systems and processes in our bodies shut down.  Get your Vitamin-D through playing PokemonGo!

According to, the sun,

“enhances the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues; very similar to the effects of exercise. The sun has a great effect on stamina, fitness and muscular development.”

The sun itself can literally increase the amount of oxygen you receive during a day, as well as how this oxygen is transported around your body.

Try an hour of PokemonGo after your next workout and see how it effects your overall recovery time!

Furthermore, it has been reported that sunlight might be the single best treatment for depression in the entire world, I’m serious.

If this is actually true, PokemonGo might literally be the single best treatment for depression in the entire world (low-key serious).  As stated in, “exposure to sunlight boosts serotonin levels in the brain.

Sunlight (or bright light, to be more exact) is the most abundant and easiest to absorb anti-depressant you will find.  To receive your daily does of bright light all you need to do is open your eyes.

When bright light reaches the retina it stimulates the optic nerve, which sends a signal to the part of the brain that regulates production of serotonin and melatonin.”

Ergo, PokemonGo is about to literally fight back against depression in our society! (Just waiting on a couple doctors to back me on this one).  If you’re feeling down about something, try going out during the day and catching 15-20 Pokemon!

You’ll probably walk around 10,000 steps, and your brain will love the exposure to the sun!


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