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5 Camping Essentials You Need for Your Next Trip

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At some point in life, we all want to head out for a camping adventure. No matter how old we are or how many people are accompanying us on our journey, a camping trip is a must have experience at least once in an entire lifetime.

Whether you’re camping away from the tropical heat or heading for a rainy experience in the forest, this is an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life.

While camping sounds very fun and exciting, there are a lot of technicalities involved. Camping is very different from the conventional trips we plan where we stay at hotels and dine out in restaurants.

Camping is closer to nature, a little more difficult and definitely more prone to risks than an ordinary trip. However, if you make a list of essentials you need during your trip, there’s nothing that can go wrong. Here are your absolute essentials’ list for your next camping trip:

1. Camping Tents

What’s a camping trip without your camping tent, right? Depending on the number of people who will be sharing the sleeping space at night, you need to purchase a tent suitable for the place you are heading to.

For example, if you have groups of four people staying in the same tent, then you’ve to choose a bigger tent. You can explore online resources for more details and understand how these are more spacious than your regular tents.

You also need to select the fabric of your tent as per the location you are heading off to. The most common ones are available in polythene so there is no chance of water entering your tent even when it begins to rain.

2. First Aid Kit

There is absolutely no trip without taking your first aid kit with you. You need to make sure you carry a kit which contains ointments for wounds, injections for excessive pain, painkillers and band aids to cover minute scratches. When on a camping adventure, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. From catching a flu to touching poison oak, you need to be well prepared for the worst.

3. Nonperishable Food Items

During a trip, there are times when you feel more hungry than you usually do at home. Therefore, it’s better to keep nonperishable food items with you during your camping.

Even if you’re planning on hunting and cooking the animal live, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst if you don’t catch an animal in the first place.

4. Campfire Supplies

No matter how “close to nature” our camping trip is, it is impossible to fully rely on the natural items to grant us everything we want. Therefore, having campfire supplies is a must. You need to take gasoline, lighters and an ax to ensure the fire can be started anywhere you want.

So in case you are unable to start the fire as cavemen do, you always have a backup to make sure you’re not cold all night. These supplies make your lives easier and let you enjoy your trip without a constant physical effort.

If you want to be even more prepared, you can travel with a portable toilet too!

5. Flashlights

Living in nature has its perks but is also a little dangerous. There are a lot of insects and animals crawling around in the forests. While not all of them can be detected and stopped, you need to keep flashlights with you so you don’t step on them and disturb their natural course of action.

In case you hear beetles and flies, it is always better to be able to find out they are instead of being paranoid all night.

Flashlights also help in finding our way back to the main road or to our car without constantly stumbling. You can even carry a gas lantern in case you don’t want to carry a flashlight!

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